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Hansjoerg Maurer hansjoerg.maurer at itsd.de
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there was a thread 
" Samba 4, Winbind & RFC2307" at 26.12.2012 on this list
which covers that issue, including a patch from andrew and another  fix
I provided




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> Hi Thomas, greeting to all readers,
> >     Is there something I miss or is this to be considered a bug?
> > 
> > If this is the problem I am thinking of, I originally noticed it in
> > 4.0.0. I believe Andrew provided a patch, however I don't need this in
> > my production environment and only stumbled onto the issue while testing
> > something else, so I don't know if what I'm referring to was fixed in
> > later releases. I'll see if I can find the thread and bug shortly.
> > 
> I remember a thread which was about winbind ignoring objects without
> posixAccount/posixGroup OCs. The conclusion was to change winbind to not
> ignore them. But, actually, shouldn't S4 in DC mode really add them? Or
> is ADUC the culprit here?
> I didn't check out yet how recent Samba 3.6 winbind behaves as a member
> here. When I tried against 4.0.0 I ended up using Wireshark to analyse
> LDAP traffic and figured RFC2307 attrs weren't returned by the LDAP
> server although requested by winbind, whereas they WERE returned to
> Apache Directory Studio at the same time - logged in as
> Administrator at sub.domain.tld <mailto:Administrator at sub.domain.tld> ; a permission issue I guess. Is this a
> known issue? I blamed it to poor provisioning (without RFC2307 in the
> beginning) that day. Will try again this part later this weekend.
> At the moment, I'm working on a script that adds Unix Attributes
> automatically to all relevant users (i.e. all that winbind shows on a
> member. Btw. I would love to have a way to filter them, because most
> groups I won't ever need and they're gonna make things look complicated
> on the Unix side. Does anybody know anything about this?).
> Andreas
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> Andreas Gaiser, Berlin, Germany
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