[Samba] Cross-subnet browsing with LMBs + remote browse sync + samba4WINS

vagy vagy at freemail.gr
Sun Feb 24 04:34:37 MST 2013


i am about to implement cross subnet browsing/sharing
and I was wondering if the following configuration
would do it, so i would like your opinion:

1. There are two subnets separated by a simple router (no firewalls)

2. Each subnet will have a mixture of Win7/WinXP and Linux hosts.

3. Each subnet will have its own Samba3 LMB (but not DMB)
and its own samba4WINS server. Each client host in each subnet
will be DHCP configured with their respective WINS server.
The LMB will also be configured to use the samba4WINS server.

4. The two samba3 LMB servers will "remote browse sync" with each other.
Thats how the browse lists will be exchanged.

5. The two samba4WINS servers will replicate with each other.
Thats how the host names will be exchanged.

Do you think that will turn out to be a working configuration?

- vagy

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