[Samba] [SOLVED] replace Windows 2003 dc

Sérgio Henrique sermac at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 09:43:43 MST 2013

I Peter i had just one problem i am unable to replicate ForestDns and
DomainDns zones!? How do you manage to do that?
also dns recursive queries = yes its being ignored...

Thank you in advanced.

On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 1:55 PM, Peter Beck <peter at datentraeger.li> wrote:

> Federico Nan <federico at nantec.com.ar> quatschte am Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at
> 08:36:56AM -0300:
> > Wouw!
> >
> > And how do you handle the GPO and sysvol volumes? Did you copy them to
> the
> > samba sysvol?
> >
> > I扉e been trying and it always fails in the fsmo transferring. Did you do
> > this on the Windows MMC?
> Hi Federico,
> It was just a very basic test with a "naked" Windows 2003 DC and I did
> not test GPO/Sysvol transfers (only checked adding a GPO to the samba dc
> after removing the Windows DC, which was working perfect)
> If transferred the fsmo rules with samba-tool. fsmo seize did not work
> on my machine, there were always errors (can't remember excatly at the
> moment), transfer had a timeout the first try, but the second run was
> successful. I've also tried it with ntdsutil from Windows, exact the
> same behaviour (first try - timeout) so i think this is "normal".
> From what I have seen it's also working with samba-tool the first time,
> even when there is a timeout message (I've used --role=all). After one
> run I left the computer to get some coffee and when I came back and checked
> the roles I could see that every role was now transferred...
> The only thing I'm unsure is with dcpromo when demoting the Windows DC -
> I always get a message with "holds the last replication of Application
> Directory Partitions" - usually ForestDNS and DomainDNS partitions.
> I've just selected "delete them" and so far there was no issue.
> But as mentioned, I'm also doing this in a little test environment and
> have often switched back to an earlier snapshot to try again...no long
> term experience.. ;-) I'm still testing...
> Regards
> Peter

    Sérgio Machado

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