[Samba] Samba PDC not in network environment (Windows 7/8)

Jörg Nissen joerg at nissen.de.hm
Fri Feb 22 01:36:31 MST 2013

Something weird...

I connected one notbook to another samba (v3.5.5) network. Logged in as
a local user on the notebook and guess what. The complete network 
environment is shown. 
The main difference between these two networks, apart form the version
number of smbd, is that the working network is based on ldap while the
not working network is based on tdb.

Another small difference in smb.conf:

3.5.5:  name resolve order = bcast lmhosts host
3.6.12: name resolve order = wins bcast lmhosts hosts

Going to check if it has any impact if I remove "wins" from 
"name resolve order".

And another small difference:

In v3.5.5 computers are members of "Domain Users" while v3.6.12 
lists them in "Domain Computers". Also going to check if this makes 
any difference.

The last thing I will check is if it makes any difference when 
I login to a local account on my client.

Will keep you updated.

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