[Samba] RPM building tools for Samba 4.0.3 on RHEL 6 published bye me on Github

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 20:13:13 MST 2013

I've been spending some time backporting Samba 4.0.3 from Fedora 19 to
RHEL 6, partly as proof of concept, partly to make it available to
others. I've published my work at:


The key RPM building tools are at:


And there are dependencies listed for libtalloc, libtevent, iniparser,
etc. that I've also put up at https://github.com. It works in my basic
testing, but I don't have a local set of Active Directory clients and
servers to play with for full testing.

This includes hooks for building all the components with "mock",
including notes on where to get the necessary components from
github.com. The README.md from that directory is below. I'm happy to
make these as refined and idiot proof as anyone would like, since I'm
between jobs right now, but but I don't want to confuse anyone. I've
also noticed that several dependencies, such as "krb5-1.10", may be
already available as part of RHEL 6.4 which was released *less than 24
hours ago*.

Wrapper for SRPM building tools for Samba 4 on RHEL 6.

These are rebuilt from Fedora rawhide releases, and need to be built
and installed in the following order.

    samba4repo-6-x86_64.cfg - install in /etc/mock/
    samba4repo.repo - install in /etc/yum.repos.d/.

Then install and enable a yum repository on the local server, or a
designated host, with this kind of layout:

    mkdir /var/www/linux
    mkdir /var/www/linux/samba4repo
    mkdir /var/www/linux/samba4repo/6
    mkdir /var/www/linux/samba4repo/6/x86_64
    createrepo /var/www/linux/samba4repo/6/x86_64
    mkdir /var/www/linux/samba4repo/6/SRPMS
    createrepo /var/www/linux/samba4repo/6/SRPMS

Set up symlinks for "$releasever" names in yum setups.

    ln -s -f -n 6 /var/www/linux/samba4repo/6.3
    ln -s -f -n 6 /var/www/linux/samba4repo/6Server

The "make" command will build all components. If they don't exist yet,
they will be git cloned from https://github.com/nkadel/. The
components there are somewhat interwoven with this "samba4repo"
structure, so review it before building or deploying with it.

*** NOTE: The git repos at github.com do not include the tarballs ***

This is for basic security reasons: I do not want to become
responsible for publishing the source code software for other people's
compnents, and possibly getting hacked and corrupting your software.
You'll need to get the tarballs manually, usually from the "Source:"
locations designated in the .spec file.

"make install" will attempt to deploy them in a designated directory
for "yum" repository access, run "createrepo", to get the packages
listeed, and and clear away old "mock" configurations. "createrepo
--update" and "mock clean" are somewhat unreliable in their behavior,
so actually re-running and createrepo and using "rm -rf" on the mock
cache works better.

Samba 4.0.3 has strong dependencies on additional components that are
not part of RHEL 6, or are not recent enough in RHEL 6, and need to be
built and deployed for local compilation or for "mock" compilation.
These dependencies are detailed in the Makefile, but include:


        Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel at gmail.com>

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