[Samba] [SOLVED] replace Windows 2003 dc

Peter Beck peter at datentraeger.li
Thu Feb 21 19:23:18 MST 2013

Hi guys,

weehoo! Samba4 rocks ! Great work!

if someone is interested - I finally managed to replace a Windows DC successfully.
(at least i hope so ;-)

this is what I have done:

* Windows DC: Domain and Forest Operation Level = 2003
* Reboot Windows DC (always a good idea on Windows ;-)
* joining the Samba Domain Controller to the existing 2003 domain
* adding a Reverse zone for my network in DNS (on Windows)
* replicating forestdnszones, domaindnszones
* on the Windows DC i've changed the nameserver for each zone to the samba 
  domain controller (which automatically added an NS-record to dns)
* samba_dnsupdate --all-names --verbose
* removing the Global Catalog on the Windows DC (including reboot ;-)
* transferring all fsmo roles to the samba dc (what's the differnce to
  seizing ? for me transfer seems to work more reliable..)
* demote the windows server

Now I am able to add or remove records in dns (with samba tool and on
Windows with the MMC-Snapin) and it looks very good.

Now I think I just need to do some "cleaning" (removing dns entries for
the replaced windows dc, etc).


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