[Samba] Incorrect Password on Windows 2008 R2 trying to install SAP

Chris Beach chrisb at pintys.com
Thu Feb 21 12:53:18 MST 2013

This is the weirdest issue I've seen in 8 years of running Samba as our
domain controller for 120 users...

I've created a Windows 2008 R2 Server, joined it to the domain
successfully, can log on to the server using any username, including: *
So now we go to run sapinst.exe (we're installing SAP on this server, which
we've done several times before, but for Windows Server 2003) and it asks
for the username and password, so we type in sbxadm and it's password
however it fails with an "Incorrect Password". If I look on samba it has
increased the "Incorrect password attempts" value by 1. I know for a fact
we're typing the correct password, there is no doubt there, we've tried
making it 1, a, 12345678 etc... it ALWAYS fails with incorrect password.

The username can log on elsewhere, no issues, it only seems to happen when
trying to use the credentials in this setup file. We've tried different
servers, rejoining the domain, turning off firewalls, making everyone an
admin etc...this leads me to believe that perhaps it's samba.

We're running Samba 3.3.15 with an LDAP password backend, has anyone else
ever experienced this issue with Windows Server 2008?

*Chris Beach*
Manager IT Services
Pinty's Delicious Foods Inc.
905-319-5300 ext 5255

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