[Samba] "map to guest = bad user" ignored in Samba 4?

Sebastian Arcus shop at open-t.co.uk
Tue Feb 19 14:18:00 MST 2013

On 16/02/13 03:45, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Wed, 2013-02-13 at 10:33 +0000, Sebastian Arcus wrote:
>> I would like to migrate some of my Samba 3.x domains to Samba 4. Part of
>> the functionality of the current system is allowing some Windows XP Pro
>> computers, which are not joined to the domain, access to some public
>> shares on the Samba server. I tried using "map to guest = bad user" with
>> Samba 4 - but it appears to be completely ignored and the Windows XP
>> machine keeps on prompting for username/password when trying to access
>> the server share. Has this option been dropped in Samba 4? Is there
>> another way to accomplish the same?
> This sounds correct.  This isn't currently supported against the AD DC.
> Guest access to the domain should be based on the 'guest' account being
> enabled, but this isn't hooked in either.
>> Otherwise my Samba 4 domain seems to be working fine - and the Windows
>> XP Pro machines which are joined to it can access the share fine.
>> As a side note, I find it hard to figure out which smb.conf options are
>> still available for Samba 4 and which are not. I've googled around and
>> can't seem to find a wiki page or authoritative page.
> You have hit one of the areas where this isn't well documented.
> Sorry,

Thanks Andrew. It is at least useful I can come here and find out what 
can and can't work at the moment. I'll just have to postpone installing 
Samba 4 at sites where I can't do the whole conversion to domain in one 

Many thanks,


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