[Samba] Question marks, asterisks, colons in filenames

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Tue Feb 19 13:23:39 MST 2013

On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 08:50:39PM +0100, Ray wrote:
> Hi,
> at home I only use Linux, so no problem there. Even all my
> Squeezebox radios haven't got any problem with "special" characters,
> which is not really a surprise, because under the hood they also run
> Linux.
> But I also run a site-to-site VPN and at the other sites there are
> some lost souls with Windows boxes.
> I've put lots of work into naming all my files as close as possible
> to the original naming (CDs according to CD cover, Movies according
> to IMDB/Wikipedia, and so on). There's absolutely no way that I dump
> all this work and surrender the excellent file naming capabilities
> of ext[34] filesystem's (only "/" not working and for that one
> there's a Unicode replacement) to Windows'/NTFS's poor file naming
> capabilitis for a couple of Windows users.
> Samba sits in the middle between the Linux side and the Windows
> side, so to me it would be an obivous functional part of Samba to
> eliminate individual characters from file names that are not
> permitted in Windows. To my understanding this is exactly what
> "mangled map" did - before it was kicked away from Samba's code.
> Don't get me wrong here: It's absolutely ok to kick away obsolete
> code - but functionally there should be some sort of replacement. To
> my understanding there's nothing new in Samba that replaces "magled
> map": Now users are back to 8.3 name hashing. Great. Welcome to DOS
> - in 2013!

Well the replacement is to fix the names on the UNIX
side. The "mangled map" code really was a horror that
was very hard to maintain.


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