[Samba] smb.conf for Windows clients

Ricky Nance ricky.nance at weaubleau.k12.mo.us
Mon Feb 18 18:50:38 MST 2013

Alright, so you should find everything you are looking for here

ACL's make share manipulation much easier, pretty much
path = /some/path/on/linux
read only = no

then from windows, login as the domain administrator and you can set the
permissions to however you'd like.

Let us know if you have any more issues.

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 7:40 PM, Gregory Sloop <gregs at sloop.net> wrote:

>  Hi Greg, could you please provide more info on what you are needing
> samba to do? Is this going to be a PDC or AD DC, or simple sharing, a print
> server, the list goes on... give us a little bit more info to work with and
> someone will likely be able to help you out.
> Ricky
> Yes, of course. I should have done that initially.
> Sorry for the vagueness - though I'm *shocked,* *shocked I tell you* that
> you're not mind-readers!
> ---
> It's a Samba4 AD, operating in absence of a Windows AD/DC
> It's going to do file sharing, in an AD context. [Domain]
> We'll probably eventually use point-and-print functionality and GPO's etc.
> ...But initially I just want a good start on the main share. No
> non-windows clients are likely to use the share.
> Some things are clearly going to be items to use, like case
> [non]-sensitivity.
> So, I'm most interested in the important items in relation to the "Share"
> the Windows clients will see. If there are other items in the smb.conf
> elsewhere to be wary of, then those would be nice too.
> But there are so many items...having a good place to start that would
> avoid nasties cropping up later would be really nice.
> I've done a lot of this under S3, but it's been a while - and S4 changed
> so much I'm a new babe in the woods again. :)
> -Greg


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