[Samba] can't connect to home share after renaming Windows user

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Thu Feb 14 16:52:25 MST 2013

I just went through the ordeal of renaming a Windows user account (from 
the previous incumbent's name to the position title, so I won't have to 
repeat this). Everything went smoothly. The account has access to the 
programs and files that it previously did. The roaming profile is being 
updated when the user logs out. The C:\user\president folder is 
accessing and storing the local documents properly.

The only thing not working right is the home share isn't being mounted 
as drive m:. They do map to drive m: for other user accounts so it's not 
a samba smb.conf setting. The old windows user has the same sid as the 
new one and the old unix user has the same user number as the new one. I 
also checked /etc/group and changed any extra group memberships for that 
user number.

I can see \\server\president in the Windows Explorer network but can't 
open the folder. I get a "Windows cannot access" error in Windows 
Explorer. I get a similar thing when I manually map drive m: to 
\\server\president. When I log onto the same machine using another 
account, the drive maps as expected and I can open that account's home 
folder in the network section in Windows Explorer.

The only thing I can think of is that a Samba .tdb database must have 
something or be missing something related to that user account's home 
share. Any ideas?

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