[Samba] rsync'ing samba shares

Christian Rost christian.rost at rocon-it.de
Wed Feb 13 23:52:00 MST 2013

Hi Greg,

the answer to your question can be quite complex, depending on your needs and your setup. If we are sticking with file-syncing than you can use robocopy as well as rsync. It depends on the amount of data hat needs to be synced, how often you want to sync, how can the DCs reach each other, ...

If you link your DCs together via a separate sync-only network, I would prefer rsync. That way you do not interfere with the regular network. Anyway, syncing by rsync/ robocopy has the drawback that it is always lagging behind. 

If both machines are in the same network consider using a distributed filesystem/ block device that syncs the data between the nodes on the fly.



Gregory Sloop <gregs at sloop.net> schrieb:

>I know this has come up a bit in the past, but consider this
>Two Samba4 DC's - and I want to "mirror" the data shares to the
>"backup" DC in case we lose the primary DC and it's file shares.
>[A cheap, dirty, poor-mans semi-CTDB. How did you ever guess that Red
>Green was helping me?!]
>The easiest way is probably rsync'ing the data.
>However, will that include all the ACL's and extra data associated
>with the files. I understand that to a disk on part of the DC, it
>might not. But on the second DC, all the relevant users, AD group etc
>do all exist.
>So, is using rsync in such a situation reasonable/workable, or should
>we use some windows based utility - say robocopy to handle this?
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