[Samba] rsync'ing samba shares

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Feb 13 16:35:19 MST 2013

I know this has come up a bit in the past, but consider this

Two Samba4 DC's - and I want to "mirror" the data shares to the
"backup" DC in case we lose the primary DC and it's file shares.

[A cheap, dirty, poor-mans semi-CTDB. How did you ever guess that Red
Green was helping me?!]

The easiest way is probably rsync'ing the data.

However, will that include all the ACL's and extra data associated
with the files. I understand that to a disk on part of the DC, it
might not. But on the second DC, all the relevant users, AD group etc
do all exist.

So, is using rsync in such a situation reasonable/workable, or should
we use some windows based utility - say robocopy to handle this?


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