[Samba] Thank-you to Samba developers

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Tue Feb 12 06:22:38 MST 2013

On Mon, 2012-04-30 at 15:52 -0500, nicholas geovanis wrote:
> Here's a short quote from a work-related email I sent earlier today,
> announcing AD authentication from a linux VM. It expresses my awe at the
> folks who write and maintain Samba, and it's long overdue from me:
> It’s been 3 or 4 years since I configured Samba; it’s always a challenge
> for me, mainly due to my poor understanding of MSoft networking. 

+1  Samba I think often gets a bum wrap for 'complexity' by virtue of
people just not understanding how MSoft intends it to work.

> Then when it works,

It is crazy amazing how well it works out-of-the-box.

> I offer a silent prayer for those crazy Australians who
> originated it. The pain they must have endured in getting it to work
> boggles my mind. In that respect it may be the most impressive open-source
> project out there, and they haven’t slowed-down in the least.


BTW, they accept donations <http://www.samba.org/samba/donations.html>

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