[Samba] homes share

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Mon Feb 11 19:19:34 MST 2013

[homes] is a special name:

from smb.conf manpage:
The [homes] section
       If a section called [homes] is included in the configuration file,
       services connecting clients to their home directories can be 
created on
       the fly by the server.

       When the connection request is made, the existing sections are 
       If a match is found, it is used. If no match is found, the requested
       section name is treated as a username and looked up in the local
       password file. If the name exists and the correct password has been
       given, a share is created by cloning the [homes] section.

       Some modifications are then made to the newly created share:
       ·   The share name is changed from homes to the located username.
       ·   If no path was given, the path is set to the user´s home 

       If you decide to use a path = line in your [homes] section, it may be
       useful to use the %S macro. For example:

           path = /data/pchome/%S

       is useful if you have different home directories for your PCs 
than for
       UNIX access.

       This is a fast and simple way to give a large number of clients 
       to their home directories with a minimum of fuss.
Hope this explains why...

Ufficiotecnico Acknow wrote:
> i made a test changing [homes] to [home]
> i configured letter and path from user profile in active directory 
> snap-in.
> works, each user gets a folder named when he logs into domain, 
> subdirectory with username are created correctly

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