[Samba] Trust problems after upgrade from 3.5 to 3.6

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Fri Feb 8 11:52:08 MST 2013

On 02/08/13 19:18, Oliver Freyd wrote:

> Hello,
> does "wbinfo -u" list the users of the trusted domain?

No; however it doesn't do this with Samba 3.5 either (which works).

> and getent passwd, too?

Same as above.
Do you think I've got a config problem which only by chance does not 
show up with 3.5?

> By valid users you mean the parameter in smb.conf?

Exactly: the one that controls which users can access a share.

> I'm usually using ACLs on shares (in the filesystem),
> so I haven't tried that.

I'm not using ACL and the share I'm doing my tests with has 777 
permissions; so I'm sure it's Samba that denies access.

> But I suppose it worked before...

I can confirm this: it did work as expected with Samba 3.5.
Actually it still does in the other server I have in the same site (on 
which I'm holding the upgrade until I find a solution).

  bye & Thanks

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