[Samba] smbclient php extension

Eric PEYREMORTE eric.peyremorte at iut-valence.fr
Thu Feb 7 10:44:22 MST 2013

Hi there,

I know it's not the good place to ask but don't know where to...

It would be great to have a compiled native php smbclient extension. 
Several people, including owncloud, still use Victor M. Varela, php 
library (which use exec smbclient) to access smb files. This is not 
optimized, and not usable if you disable escapeshellargs on your system. 
There was a project to build a native extension but it doesn't implement 
everything and hasn't changed for years : 

If someone had the skills to build it, it would be very useful for the 
community. Unfortunately, i'm really bad in c programming..


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