[Samba] removing local policies

Cristian Saavedra csg at asualcance.com
Thu Feb 7 09:07:49 MST 2013

Hello Everyone

We are upgrading to Samba4 from Samba 3.x, we got a fully functional domain over the last 4 years and we are trying to do our migration as smooth as possible.

I have migrated, users, machines and everything to the new samba4 domain (not in production yet), however when i log and old machine from the samba 3.x domain to the samba 4 domains, the local policy still applies, i suppose is because the old policies uses ntconfig.pol that burns the change on the registry.

I'd like to remove that policies without having to reinstall or recreate users, has anyone managed to do that? 

Thanks in advanced.

Cristian Saavedra

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