[Samba] Samba 3.6.9 - Redundancy (HA/BDC/DRBD)

Florian Götz f.goetz at hs-mannheim.de
Wed Feb 6 01:04:42 MST 2013

Hi everybody,

our university uses a Samba 3.6.9 server as PDC for a windows domain on 
a single physical server (external LDAP on another server is used).
To get some redundancy up running a second physical machine was bought, 
which is exactly the same as the one running.

Now I´m searching for the best way to get the job done.
The first thought was to build a HA-Cluster with Corosync/Pacemaker etc. 
and mirror the data partitions via drbd.
So I would have two identical PDCs in an active/passive setup.

The question is, is there a better way to do this without scrambling my 
whole configuration?
If I configure a BDC (as far as I understood the BDC concept), the BDC 
is a read-only copy of the PDC. But I would have to sync the userdata 
(home dirs, profiles etc) by myself (drbd for example). So users could 
authenticate and login to the domain, but no changes could be made, right?

So how do you deal with the high availablity of your DCs?

Florian Götz

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