[Samba] pam.d conf local logins

Michael Ray mray at xes-inc.com
Tue Feb 5 08:45:29 MST 2013

Hey all, 

I've got a notion of how I think pam.d works and I used guides online to set-it up correctly on various boxes. However, when I tried this configuration (see link) on Ubuntu 12.04 and joined that machine to the domain, the local logins were taking forever to resolve and the whole machine just seemed sluggish anytime I had to do any authentication. 

I should note that this machine was hosting AD as a VM, but that the VM was not yet on, so I imagine there was some timeout issue with winbind. 

So as long as I've got the right notion of why it was broken, are there any ways to speed up the timeout of winbind / ignore winbind if the local account authenticates? 


Thanks much, 
Mike Ray 

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