[Samba] Group Policy Linux Machines

Gregory Carter gcarter at aesgi.com
Fri Feb 1 14:44:39 MST 2013

I would like to submit a RFP for Group Policy Implementation on Linux 

Primarily focusing on KDE/GNOME/Enlightenment integration.

It would encompass a lot of the work done with Samba I think, but extend 
policy and record management of the LDAP and File access portions with 
that of ibus.

The primary idea though, would be to use ibus as a communications link 
to records that define what and what is not desirable to the desktop 
environment, including storing and modifying paths in start menus, using 
ibus to send messages to modules to update policy or install software on 
the local workstation.

Unless I am mistaken, this hasn't been done or discussed yet on Linux?


On 02/01/2013 02:00 PM, Mike Howard wrote:
> On 01/02/2013 18:52, Michael Ray wrote:
>> Hey all-
>> So linux machines in my domain, served by a Samba4 PDC, show up in 
>> the Administrative Tools. I was testing GP to see if it would apply 
>> to linux machines -- a basic one, just trying to deny a user from 
>> logging in. It does nothing; though from samba-tool, I can verify 
>> this policy is linked to the machine. Is it just that GP is designed 
>> for Windows machines such that they will have no effect on linux 
>> machines?
> Yes.

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