[Samba] Issue with netatalk module with Sernet 4.1 RPM packages

Ryan Bair ryandbair at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 15:09:05 MST 2013

I didn't see a forum for sernet packages specifically so here it goes...

I'm using the netatalk module with the sernet packages. 4.x worked fine and
I just bumped to 4.1.3-7.el6.x86_64.

Now in the logs I'm seeing:

Error loading module '/usr/lib64/samba/vfs/netatalk.so':
/usr/lib64/samba/libsamba3-util.so: version
`SAMBA_4.1.3_SERNET_REDHAT_7.EL6' not found (required by

Smells like a packaging issue.

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