[Samba] Building sernet-samba 4.1 .2 with different python version (2.7) located "/opt/python/bin/python"

MEHMET CUNEYIT KIRIS e1819465 at ceng.metu.edu.tr
Tue Dec 10 23:39:18 MST 2013

Hi guys,

I'm trying to build samba 4.1.2 rpm for CentOS 5 .I have python 2.4 
(which python -> /usr/bin/python ) ,also python 2.7 
(/opt/python/bin/python) .I tried many things to solve ,but I couldn't 
anywhere.I stacked at this error :

/opt/python/lib/libpython2.7.a(floatobject.o): In function 
(.text+0x496d): undefined reference to `fmod'
/opt/python/lib/libpython2.7.a(floatobject.o): In function `float_rem':
(.text+0x4c3f): undefined reference to `fmod'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Waf: Leaving directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/samba-4.1.2/bin'
Build failed:  -> task failed (err #1):
         {task: cc_link pytalloc_util_6.o -> libpytalloc-util.so}
make: *** [all] Error 1


How I am gonna solve this problem , or can you show me how I can point 
python 2.7 to samba while building 4.x version in detail ?

Thanks in advance

Mehmet Cuneyit Kiris

M.E.T.U -C.Eng

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