[Samba] Samba4 DNS question

Kunszt Árpád arpad.kunszt at syrius-software.hu
Thu Dec 19 06:40:41 MST 2013


This is my first Samba4 installation, so I'm a rookie in this topic. Sorry if I ask trivial questions.

I have a virtual server with 2 network interfaces. The first one is in the server network, the second one is in the storage network (the samba shares are on an NFS volume). If I start the sernet-samba-ad service with both interfaces are up I got both IPs in the A record.

[root at samba ~]# samba-tool dns query user.test samba A 
Password for [administrator at USER.TEST]:
  Name=, Records=2, Children=0
    A: (flags=f0, serial=1, ttl=900)
    A: (flags=f0, serial=110, ttl=900)

This is bad. The clients can't reach the second IP, just the first one. If I delete it with hand (samba-tool dns delete), it dissapears until I restart the service. Is there a method to disable this IP forever?

Another question about DNS. Can I use my BIND server as a secondary for the zones in the Samba server?

[root at samba ~]# samba-tool dns zoneinfo user.test
  aipSecondaries              : []
  aipNotify                   : []

Can I set the values above somehow? Do they allow the BIND to AXFR the zone?

Sorry for my bad English.


Árpád Kunszt

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