[Samba] Trying to add a super user to generated user directories

Ariel Luciano Rodriguez ariellr86 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 12:32:02 MST 2013

Hello, In my office we have folders for each user generated with this code

        read only = no
        admin users = root
        valid users = %u, %U
        veto files = /*.mp3/*.mp4/*.mpg/*.avi/

Everyones folder is created with this code for example

mkdir /media/usuarios/martin
chown -R martin:martin /media/usuarios/martin

What I need is to allow my boss to access every user folder from windows
which I have no idea how to do since:

every folder is accessed by doing \\server\usuario so how can I enter this
folder from the windows location bar to see all folders in /media/usuarios

and also how to set the permissions for my boss to enter in linux

Any information is appreciated, I'm a total absolute newbie.

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