[Samba] New samba 4.1.3 install - Access denied when publishing or editing file share on server as domian admin

Mike Evans mike.evans at ie-l.com
Tue Dec 17 15:45:47 MST 2013

My first attempt at using samba.  Replacing an ancient win 2000 server.
 The server and clients are all new.. no upgrading from old domain.

Installed on Ubuntu server 13.10 following the wiki (followed
recommendations).  Things have been just working which is great but I've
run into my first issue when trying to publish a share to AD.  My
understanding is this should work but I'm unsure of S4's limitations.
 Working thus far are:
* Users added okay with samba-tool
* Shares added okay with smb.conf.  Folders are 770 root:users
* win7 clients can join domain
* authenticated users can rw to server shares
* windows admin tools are working as explained in the wiki
* folder redirection working
* group policy working (automatic MS office and other software installed as

The problem
When I connect to the server with computer management console as the domain
administrator or a user in the domain admins group I cannot publish folder
shares to AD.  I get "Error 5: access is denied".  I also get the same
error if I try to change the description of the share on the general tab of
the object's properties. I AM ABLE to alter security settings on the
security tab.  I tried adding administrator to Account Operators and Server
Operators but that made no difference.  I don't see anything related to
this on the windows or samba logs.

I did my best to search the wiki and mailing list archive but could not
find anything about this.

Thanks if you can enlighten me on the nature of this error.

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