[Samba] Success with samba4 ( debian wheezy member server )

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Dec 17 07:55:26 MST 2013

A very simple setup. 
OS used: Debian Wheezy 64Bit.

Ok, just did a join of a domain member in my ad. 

wbinfo -u 
wbinfo -g
getent passwd
getent group 
al work ok. 

This was a 5 min install to make it work. 


a very simpel setup for a domain member. 

clean debian wheezy system is used. ( time is in sync !!  ) 

1) point your dns ( /etc/resolv.conf ) to the ad server.
2) make user hostname.domainname works. 
	test it with :  hostname -s ( single name ) 
			    hostname -d ( domainname ) 
			    hostname -f  ( hostname.domainname ) 
3) TIME MUST BE IN SYNC !! ( apt-get install ntp , edit /etc/ntp.conf put in server IPofADserver

if this works..  

apt-get install krb5-user sernet-samba-winbind sernet-samba 
check the /etc/krb5.conf file 
if you dont see your domain ( realm ) 
type : dpkg-reconfigure -plow krb5-user
it should fill it, if not fix it yourselve. 

then go here and copy the smb.conf and put it in /etc/samba 
!! change the workgroup and realm, and keep the CAPS ! 

edit /etc/default/sernet-samba  
put in classic 

start samba. 

almost there. 

check /etc/nsswitch.conf
should have. 
passwd:         compat winbind
group:          compat winbind 

wait 10-20 sec. 

kinit administrator 

( you should see administrator at YOURREALM !  ) 
test ok,  Join the domain. 
net ads join -U administrator

joined ? 

now wbinfo -u etc works  



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