[Samba] success in progress with samba4

Cyril Lalinne cyril.lalinne at 3d-com.fr
Tue Dec 17 05:43:13 MST 2013


I would like to share my progression with samba4.
I had a try with Samba3 with ldap ... Samba4 is so much easier !!

I was able to install Samba 4 on CentOS6.4 by following the wiki on 

I kept a trace on my blog in French language of what I've done. It may 
help somebody one day.

Now, I have a win 7 workstation that has join the domain and a user, 
with a roaming profile, that is working on it.

I have also configured the folder redirection for the desktop and my 
documents folder ... But ,looks like it's not working as expected. Users 
folders and files are both on the local machines and on the server. I 
though, files will not stay on the workstation.
So I'm not sure to understand what folder redirection is for.

I would like now to configure linux client. But I'm not sure where to 
start and didn't find clear (for me) explanation of how to do it.

If I'm not wrong, I can use sssd with kerberos 

Is this step "Configuring sssd" have to be done on the server, and this 
one ( Configuring PAM ) on the client ?
And do I have to add the workstation to the AD ?

Sorry for theses trivials questions.


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