[Samba] Samba4... upgrade member servers?

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Fri Dec 13 12:12:23 MST 2013

Hello Tim,

Am 13.12.2013 17:13, schrieb Tim:
> I am upgrading a samba 3 domain controller with an ldap backend to samba 4 via
> classicupgrade and was wondering... do I need to upgrade our samba 3 file
> server at the same time or will it continue to work as is for the time being?

You can keep your member servers on 3.x. It's not required to update. 
But you should consider to use at least 3.6.x (I don't know what 3 
version you are using at the moment). As younger the version tree is, as 
better AD support is integrated, and as less problems/bugs/etc. you will 

> Also, I have read conflicting opinions about whether I need to run winbindd on
> the member server (we do currently) given our use of ldap. Could someone
> enlighten me please? :-)

Winbind can stay unchanged (only if you have a old 3 version, that is 
still using the old Idmapping syntax and you upgrade to 3.6, you have to 

Here is a HowTo for setting up Member Servers:
This will help you to check, what changes have to be done on your 
members (like setting up kerberos, etc.). But it's not much work.

If you have migrated successfully your domain to AD and everything works 
fine, you should consider upgrading your members to 4.1, as it will 
bring many improvements and 3.6 is already in security-updates-only 
mode. So no bugs will be fixed any more.


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