[Samba] [Samba4] Thin Clients + Samba4

Gian Henriques gian.ti at viareal.com.br
Thu Dec 12 05:35:29 MST 2013

Hello everyone!

I'm deploying a server for thin clients with DRBL. Everything went well 
until then and the idea of making the clients wore thin client 
authentication Samba4 (remote profiles) appeared. So I joined my server 
in the domain, I tested it with Samba4 users login and everything 
worked. The problem is that the clients can not use Samba4 users, only 
users created directly on the DRBL server. I checked the settings of the 
client and the server are identical (as expected).

Does anyone know how to make clients recognize as valid all Samba4 users?


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