[Samba] Samba, Winbind and cups

Bernd Schuhmacher samba at nmedien.de
Tue Dec 10 14:50:56 MST 2013


I don't exactly know if this is a samba/winbind issue or a cups issue. I
hope it is OK to ask anyway.
I set up a Samba 4.1.2 Server on a Ubuntu 13.10, 64Bit mashine. So far
most things run quite well. Now I test sharing printers via cups.
I use IPP for this. Works well from Windows 7 mashines so far.
Next thing is to set allowed users for some printers. If I set just a
username it works. If I try to set a group no one can print.
If I set just an allowed user a line
Allow username

I tried adding groups with
Allow @Groupname
Allow @Domainname\Groupname

Neither worked.

Does anybody have an idea what might be wrong here. Maybe cups has some
problems with winbind?

Thanks for reading


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