[Samba] oplock problem samba4

Mark Jas mark at nieuwenborg.nl
Tue Dec 10 06:57:50 MST 2013

Has anyone experience with this error?

"../source3/smbd/oplock.c:333(oplock_timeout_handler) Oplock break failed for file ..... -- replying anyway"

A hint in the right direction would be helpful....

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I have some issues regarding oplocks on a samba DC (4.1.2). The server has a pretty much default configuration.

I am using a multiuser database file on a samba share. With oplocks enabled I get a lot of errors in the logging like "../source3/smbd/oplock.c:333(oplock_timeout_handler) Oplock break failed for file <filename> -- replying anyway"

Making the database available on a windwows 2008r2 gave similar problems. But installing this (optional) windows update fixed it: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2618096/en-us <http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2618096/en-us> 

Is this an issue that is also occurring on samba servers? Or was this  never an issue there?

My solution for now is disable oplocks on the samba share, but now the performance of the application is far worse than on the windows server. (logically, because oplocks are working on the windows server)

Is there a way to get oplocks working on the samba share? Would love to have the application working with good performance on the samba share...



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