[Samba] Samba4 bind DNS

Stefan Schäfer ml at fsproductions.de
Fri Dec 6 02:40:55 MST 2013


one of my S4 ADs shows a strange behavior. The Server is a stand-alone 
ad controller with bind (bind_dlz) as dns-server. The Samba Version is 
4.1.2 running on SLES11 SP3.

If i add a new A-record with the DNS-Tool from the Microsoft 
remote-server-tools an check the box "verknüpften PTR-Eintrag 
erstellen", it creates the A-Record, but not the pointer-record.

If i join the domain with a new computer now DNS-Record is created.

The only hint i found are the aipServerAddrs and aipListenAddrs Values 
showed by:

samba-tool dns serverinfo

   aipServerAddrs              : [' (53)', ' (53)', 
' (53)']
   aipListenAddrs              : [' (53)', ' (53)', 
' (53)']

The same is shown by the DNS-Tool from the Microsoft remote-server-tools 
The server has no interface with the shown IP-address, and there is 
relating entry in /etc/hosts.

It seems that there is no possibility to change these entries to the 
real ip-address of the server. Am i wrong?

Could these wrong entries be the reason for the described behavior?



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