[Samba] Migrate from Samba 4 to Samba 4?

Kevin Latimer klatimer at tolent.co.uk
Wed Dec 4 03:40:28 MST 2013

Hi All,

Does anyone know if there's a Samba 4 to Samba 4 migration process?  Sounds weird, but it has a logical reason:

I've a several-year-old S4 implementation, from an early Alpha (10 I think?) that hasn't been in the best of shape of late - when S4 4.0.0 arrived, I accidentally upgraded using my normal "git pull; ./configure; make; make install" procedure and instead of getting 4.0 I got 4.1pre.  I hastily installed the 4.0.0 tarball but I think I've ended up with a broken schema because of it.

It's been clunking along okay nontheless with the oddities just needing a little manual intervention now and again but last night I decided to install the 4.1.2 tarball.

I wanted to do an "upgradeprovision --full" as I've been missing the SFU schema and I need to retain some UID consistency.  My testing on a snapshot told me you can't run upgradeprovision with more than one DC so last night, I allotted myself a maintenance window and went for it.  I demoted all the DC's but I had one that wouldn't demote (this DC is one of the "manual interventions"...).  I've tried samba-tool domain demote, ntdsutil metadata cleanup, ADUC, ADSAS but it just won't shift.

Running out of time, I decided to upgrade to 4.1.2 on these two remaining DC's anyway, do a fresh install on the other DC's and rejoin them.  They upgraded just fine but I can't join any other DC's, samba-tool segfaults after copying the configuration partition.

My directory seems to be in a bit of a mess (dbcheck only shows two, albeit uncorrectable errors) so I wonder if there's a procedure (like classicupgrade for S3->S4 or vampire for NT4/Windows) to get the users and computers from my current provision into a new, fresh one?  I'm not bothered about retaining metadata like last login time or password history or such, just enough information to allow users to login without having to rejoin each machine?  Losing GPO's aren't the end of the world either, I don't have many.

I'll keep reading through the lists!



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