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Keller Racing keller_racing at netscape.com
Sun Aug 25 10:12:16 MDT 2013

Hi all.  I am a truly new to Samba so please bear with me while I ask a few questions.  I am running a Pentium 366 Celeron, 128meg memory, Red Hat Linux 7.2, Linux 2.4.7-10, Samba 2.2.1a.  I am running this much older version as the best book I have on Linux is "Ren Hat Linux 7.2 Bible" by Chris Negus.  It is the most complete book I have so in order to have my experiments with Linux and Samba match the pictures ;-)), I opted to use the older version.

I installed Samba as per the instructions in the book.  Setting up the users, editting the samba.conf file and using SWAT all seemed to go OK.  However, here is what I got upon checking it:

[root at 4445 root]# smbstatus

Samba version 2.2.1a
Service            uid        gid        pid        machine

Failed to open byte range locking database
ERROR: Failed to initialize locking database
Can't initialize locking module - exiting
[root at 4445 root]# ssmb

I have the Samba printer sharing working fine, I can print from my Linux machine to my Windows printer fine.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or what I missed????



Keller Racing
"Performance By Design"

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