[Samba] Problem in Windows Dc replication due to Samba4

Prema premas at cdac.in
Sat Aug 31 12:14:13 MDT 2013

Hi all,

 Ours is a setup of 30 Windows multi master DCs currently running with
different servers (windows 2003 , Windows 2008 , Windows 2008 R2) . Till
now it is running there is no issues with replication among the Winodws
Now recently i joined a Samba4 DC in the network as a replicating multi
master DC. Everything goes fine for few hours but suddenly i got errors in
Windows DC.
The Windows 2008 R2 servers can replicate only among themselves and it
cannot replicate to Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers and Samba server.
The error code and solution is given as
But none of the solutions proposed in this page works.

Has anybody comes across this issue before?I dont know whether  this issue
has arised really due to Samba4 Dc or how it would have arised. Infact i
dont want a solution for Windows DC, but want to know whether Samba can be
the root cause for this. Because till the moment i start the samba server ,
this error was not there. This has really became big headache and somebody
kindly throw some lights on this issue.

Prema S

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