[Samba] Change default GID of users

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Thu Aug 29 10:03:13 MDT 2013

Hello Bruno,

Am 29.08.2013 16:11, schrieb Bruno Vane:
> I had this mapping in nslcd.conf
> map     passwd  gidNumber               primaryGroupID
> I need the gidNumber to be "100" because this is gidnumber of group "users"
> in my Ubuntu servers.
> I will disable this mapping and test if everything is OK.

The mapping is not just for mapping one field to an other. You can 
replace values, too or do other things (see manpage for more).

You can hardcode the mapping:

map     passwd  gidNumber          "666"

# getent passwd
demo1:*:10002:666:Demo User1:/home/demo1:/bin/sh

And all your domain accounts have primary group 666 :-)


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