[Samba] sambaLMPassword

Michelangelo Rezzonico mrezzonico at ticino.com
Thu Aug 29 06:03:41 MDT 2013

Hi Marc,

thanks a lot for your help !


Hello Michelangelo,

Am 29.08.2013 10:12, schrieb Michelangelo Rezzonico:
> I have a Samba-PDC installation (version is 3.6.3) with openLDAP.
> When I change the password from a client (Windows/XP and Windows/7)
> the attribute "sambaNTPassword" is changed and I can log-in with the
> new pssword.
> The problem is that the content of the attribute "sambaLMPassword" is
> deleted.

It's not a problem. It was a security decission. :-)

If there's no good reason, you should keep this new default. If you really
want to re-enable, have a look at the smb.conf manpage and search for the
"lanman auth" option.

> I remember that in my previous version of Samba (3.0.28) both
> attributes were updated.
> Is this correct ?

Yes it is. :-) The old LanManager passwords are very insecure. And Samba
disabled them by default somewhen around 3.3 when I remember right. On MS
side the support for LM passwords was disabled in Vista and later, too.

> Where is used the attribute "sambaLMPassword" ?

It is removed on password changes.


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