[Samba] Force user permission in specific folders

Patric Falinder patric.falinder at omg.nu
Thu Aug 29 05:40:01 MDT 2013


It's not that often that I'm messing around with Samba but I have a dilemma
that I need some help with.

I have a share called "common", users can create folders and files just
fine but I'm wondering if it's possible to force folders/files to be
created with certain user/group owner in just that specific folder.
I not I can force so that everything is created with a specific user/group,
but I want it specific to folders.

Lets say I create a file in "/common/" and it will be created with the
owner that I'm logged in as, lets say the user "john".
But if John, or anyone, creates a file in "/common/files/" I want it to be
created with the owner "james" no matter who creates it.

Is this possible to achieve?

The reason I need this is because I have a Samba share with all our www/ftp
folders and they are owned by the user that's has the FTP-account for that
specific folder. If I create a folder or whatever it will change the
permission so that the FTP-user can't edit/delete it. I don't really want
to chmod 777 on everything in there.

If it's not possible, how do people mange this? Or should I not make a
Samba share like this?


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