[Samba] nslcd / pam_ldap HowTo

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Wed Aug 28 17:41:26 MDT 2013

Am 27.08.2013 10:52, schrieb Marc Muehlfeld:
> I had a short search for 0.8 and it seems that since that, some
> comfortable changes where done for AD.
> If I have time tonight, I'll compile the latest version and try to find
> out the differences and comment my examples accordingly. Then the users
> can decite to stay on their old version (if the use an enterprise
> distribution) of to use the new one.

I published a larger rework of the HowTo. It's containing Kerberos and 
other information I collected from the discussions from the last days 
about nslcd.


@All: Please give some feedback. Thanks.


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