[Samba] objectClass:posixAccount missing

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Tue Aug 27 16:30:41 MDT 2013

Al 27/08/13 23:56, En/na Gary Greene ha escrit:

> If you set it up with '--use-rfc2307', nslcd needs configured as though it is talking to an SFU 3.5 DC. The RFC 2307bis attributes never add additional classes to the AD member objects, even in an SFU environment.

Thank you, that gave me an hint: I added a

filter passwd (objectclass=user)

to /etc/nslcd.conf

and that gave me the missing users.
I suppose I should add also a

filter group (objectclass=group)

for groups.

Note that those filters are also, e.g. here

but I overlooked them.

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