[Samba] objectClass:posixAccount missing

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Tue Aug 27 12:11:28 MDT 2013


I start a new thread, because the other one meanwhile drifted far away 
from what the OP asked. :-)

Am 27.08.2013 17:02, schrieb Luca Olivetti:
 >> If you provisioned your domain with "--use-rfc2307", then in
 >> Win7 ADUC you can see the posixAccount (UNIX Attributes) of
 >> the users.
 > I did a classicupgrade, not a provisioning, and I can see the
 > unix attributes of the migrated users, the problem is the error
 > message when modifying them and the fact that _new_ users don't
 > have a "class: posixAccount" in the directory.

I rechecked this. My test environment was provisioned on 4.0.5 with 
"--use-rfc2307" (I'm sure I did, because without that option, you also 
doesn't have the cn=ypServ30,cn=RpcServices,cn=System,... subtree).

And I can confirm that new users doesn't get the 
"objectclass:posixAccount" entry. Also new added groups doesn't have 

The "unix attributes" tab in ADUC (W7) is there and works fine on users. 
On groups I can set values. But if I re-open this tab again, I get 
"Unwilling to perform".

Does anybody have an idea on that? Do posixAccount/posixGroup 
objectClasses have to be there normally?


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