[Samba] Change default GID of users

Bruno Vane broonu at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 09:14:23 MDT 2013

Hi all,

I'm using samba4 as DC and using ssh/nslcd/pam in some machines to lookup
ldap base in samba4 to allow access for users.
My question is, how can I set the default GID os users to "100", to match
the GID of group"users" in my linux machines? All users I create with ADUC
is getting UID "513". This machines are joined in the domain.

This is my groups:
root at samba:~# wbinfo -g
Enterprise Read-Only Domain Controllers
Domain Admins
Domain Users
Domain Guests
Domain Computers
Domain Controllers
Schema Admins
Enterprise Admins
Group Policy Creator Owners
Read-Only Domain Controllers

This is GID's:
CORPORATIVO\Domain Admins:*:3000008:
CORPORATIVO\Domain Users:*:100:
CORPORATIVO\Domain Guests:*:3000012:
CORPORATIVO\Domain Computers:*:3000018:
CORPORATIVO\Domain Controllers:*:3000019:
CORPORATIVO\Schema Admins:*:3000007:
CORPORATIVO\Enterprise Admins:*:3000006:
CORPORATIVO\Group Policy Creator Owners:*:3000004:
CORPORATIVO\Read-Only Domain Controllers:*:3000020:


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