[Samba] DNS managment error

Antun Horvat antun.horvat at radio101.hr
Tue Aug 27 08:58:34 MDT 2013


i have an issue with existing installation of samba4 domain controller
that is specific to dns managment.
In the domain I have two samba4 4.0.7 and one windows 2003 server that I
plug periodically to manage the dns.
All fsmo roles are transfered to samba.

All aspects of the domain work perfectly, except one, the samba-tool dns
commands do not work.
All commands when executed on samba server return "ERROR(runtime):
uncaught exception - (9717, 'WERR_DNS_ERROR_DS_UNAVAILABLE')" error. The
same command pointed to windows server works fine.
All commands that add hosts to window are replicated to samba instances.

The domain is functioning at 2003 native level (reported by windows
tool), but samba can't figure out the level.
Also when i try to demote the w2k3 server i get the error that "Active
Directory could not find another domain controller to transfer the
remaining data in the directory partition

Could you please point me to the right resources so that i can resolve
my current issues.

Thanks in advance, and I wish best to all Samba community.

If you need some kind of help, such as testing rc's in certain
configuration, please contact me.

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