[Samba] OpenSSH auth in SAMBA4 LDAP

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Mon Aug 26 17:13:44 MDT 2013

Al 27/08/13 01:03, En/na Marc Muehlfeld ha escrit:
> Am 27.08.2013 00:28, schrieb Luca Olivetti:
>> I tried ADUC (again, in a test VM joined to the domain), which could be
>> suitable, but I couldn't see any unix tab (and if I have to manually
>> assign uids/gids there it's not an option).
> In ADUC on Win7 the tab should be there (on XP you need to install
> something additionally if I remember right).

Ah, OK, I'm on XP and I installed the tools here:


No unix tab

> But you can only choose the
> NIS domain in that tab, if your domain was provisioned/upgraded with the
> --use-rfc2307 parameter. Otherwise the required parts in AD were not
> created.

I used the instructions here:


It doesn't mention the "--use-rfc2307" parameter however the generated
smb.conf has an

idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = Yes

line and the existing users show up with nslcd, so I think the required
AD schema extension is in place.

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