[Samba] Server authentication

Miroslav Prýmek m.prymek at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 01:58:49 MDT 2013


I can't find any precise technical information about how the client
computer in Windows domain (NT,AD) verifies the identity of the PDC. Can
you please point
me to any source of relevant information or give me a brief explanation?

I'm going to replace a Windows Server 2003 PDC with samba. I've
successfully extracted the PDC's ldap contents (with ldifde tool) and
account passwords (ntds.dit and system hive copied, data extracted, all
password hashes cracked).

Problem description:
If I install samba3 as PDC, populate LDAP with the data dumped from WS,
copy the users' data and shut down the old PDC, would the client computers
notice the change? Would I have to re-add all the computers to the new PDC
or not?
i.e. would the users notice the server change or not?

I'm interested in behavior of Win XP, Vista, 7 and I can't install samba4.

Thank you for any suggestions and pointing to further reading.

M. Prymek

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