[Samba] Problems Implementing roaming profiles with Samba

Fermin Francisco abcddo at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 16 06:46:35 MDT 2013

Good morning!!

Hi, my name is Fermin, and I have problems implementing roaming profiles with samba.

I follow the follow example: 

In the part where it settings the permissions in the folder:

Log on to a Windows machine as Domain Administrator
Go to „\\Servername“. You'll see the new added share.

Right-click to the share name, choose „Properties“ and go to the „Security“ tab.
Click the „Advanced“ and then the „Change permissions“ button for a more granular way to edit the share permissions.

In tab Security it shows the follow: "the requested security information is either unavailable or cannot be displayed"

Please, I need some help!!

PS: Sorry my english its not good

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