[Samba] users don't replicate from W2K3 to CentOS 6.4

Kevin Field kev at brantaero.com
Thu Aug 15 09:15:18 MDT 2013

With iptables disabled until I can figure out appropriate rules ( 
http://www.spinics.net/lists/samba/msg104592.html -- what do you do 
then? ) I added a user using samba-tool user add.  If I go to the 
Windows box and fire up ADUC, the user is not there, even though the AD 
Replication Status tool reports successful replication.  If I 
right-click the domain in ADUC, and choose Connect to Domain Controller, 
I can connect to the CentOS/SerNet Samba 4.0.8 DC.  When I do that, I 
see the same list but with my added test user, too.

Unlike with iptables, drs showrepl gives a few success entries just 
after ==== OUTBOUND NEIGHBORS ====, but then under ==== KCC CONNECTION 
OBJECTS ==== it gives the same warning as before, "Warning: No NC 
replicated for Connection!".  Nonetheless, samba-tool drs kcc from the 
new DC still reports a successful consistency check when given either 
the new DC or the old DC.

(Every step of the HOWTO or other help seems to end in a new error. 
Since we don't make extensive use of policies, I'm tempted to set up 
Samba as a non-AD fileserver and just map drives from the clients.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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