[Samba] Samba4 + Winbind + PAM Installation/Configuration

Andreas Krupp andreaskrupp at akrupp.ch
Thu Aug 15 03:15:10 MDT 2013

Now that I have my Samba4 DC running great on CentOS6.4 I was wondering if somebody could help understand better how to install and configure Samba4 with winbind and PAM.  
I used the tutorial here:  
This got me through to the point where "Using pam_winbind" starts.  
Could anybody help me understand how to do these steps + compile samba4 with pam_winbind on CentOS 6.4? I am more than willing to update the wiki page after that ;-)  
My questions in detail are:  
- How do I compile/install Samba4 with pam_winbind support and which prerequisits do I need to install with yum before doing that?  
- Which pam configuration files do I have to change on CentOS6.4?  
Cheers & thx,  

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