[Samba] Samba/winbind UID mismatch.

Pramod Venugopal pramod at dvnull.org
Mon Aug 12 05:04:33 MDT 2013

Hello everyone,

I am running Samba 4.0.8 on Arch Linux (installed from the Arch Repo)

I have winbind authentication configured and working. I am able to login via ssh, and at the machine console with my samba credentials. I also have a Windows 8 client and an OS X client which is able to connect to this system via smb.

However, when I create files or directories via smb I seem to have a UID mismatch compared to when I create files/directories via shell or at the console

When I type id at the shell, it tells me my uid is 3000018 . Files created at the shell or console have this as the owner.

When I copy files via smb the uid is 3000000. 

In idmap.ldb , my xidNumber is 3000018.

Am I missing something ? 

Thanks in advance,

- Pramod

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